Roof Tune Up

Residential Roof Tune up

Residential Roof Tune up Inland Empire

  • Have a small roof leak, dry rot or damaged roof?

  • Lost a shingle or two with high winds?

  • Buying or selling a home and need an inspection with pictures by a licensed roofer?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then Micasa Roofing’s Residential Roof Tune up service may be the solution for you.

Our Roof Tune up Services in Inland Empire Includes:

1. Up to 100sf area Rood Leaks Repaired

2. Up to 10 Shingle Tabs Replaced or 10 Tiles

3. Reseal Chimney Flashing

4. Reseal pipe vent flashings

5. Replace any pipe vent flash in repair area (as necessary)

6. Secure all Nail Pops

7. Re-Nail Loose Gutters or Straps

8. Secure Loose Flashing

9. Remove Debris from Roof

10. Provide Before / After Photos

If you are not ready to invest in a brand new roof, then our Roof Tune up might be a great temporary solution for you!

Roof Tune up Package #1: $850-1150 (roofs tune up to 1700 Sq.Ft)

Roof Tune up Package #2: $625 (roofs up to 2100 Sq.Ft)

Roof Tune up Package #3: $725 (roofs tube up to 2800 Sq.Ft)

Roof Tune up